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Project Description
DimMock is an object mocking framework for .NET Framework 4.0 that enables developers to mock simple and mildly complex classes extremely quick.

Now Available Via Nuget

DimMock is intended as a compliment to other testing frameworks. It is meant to provide a quick way of mocking an object with actual values, without any configuration or injection needed.

Given the following class...
public class Person
     public string Name { get; set; }
     public int Number { get; set; }
     public Boolean IsReal { get; set; }

You can mock an instance of this class...
Person mockPerson = Mock.Create<Person>(); 

Or you can mock a list of objects, just as easily by simply specifying a range you would like...
List<Person> mocks = Mock.Create<Person>(1, 100);

Here is a quick output result of what was created...
Created 94 mocks.
Printing first 10 mocks...
Mock.Name: 		16BA824
Mock.Number: 		-234508197
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		A709D27
Mock.Number: 		642396376
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		50AB8A49
Mock.Number: 		1053552266
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		FFD2A60C
Mock.Number: 		486955416
Mock.IsReal: 		True

Mock.Name: 		2FD1E8AD
Mock.Number: 		-112468708
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		72F225
Mock.Number: 		1968191713
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		F8BD6A0B
Mock.Number: 		-1479724442
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		EBA93CB6
Mock.Number: 		1487229230
Mock.IsReal: 		False

Mock.Name: 		BE5F122E
Mock.Number: 		139175761
Mock.IsReal: 		True

Mock.Name: 		B2861083
Mock.Number: 		-415910691
Mock.IsReal: 		False

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